Cappadocia Therapy

Tour Program

  • Depart from the hotel to catch the best view of historical Göre village slope houses.
  • Drive to Narlıgöl which was a volcanic crater lake with many hot springs coming to the surface by the shore of the lake. First, we will stop on top of the lake for panoramic view and then have a short drive or walk to the beach of the lake where you will have your own natural thermal pools in the open air to enjoy the warm water or therapic mud. You can eather swim or just stretch your legs in the thermal water which has the healing power for many diseases.
  • Leave for Ihlara Gorge where we will have a short walk by the cool water of Melendiz River which is fed by snow mealting water from the high volcanic mauntains of Maunth Hasan and Maunth Melendiz. Our walking will be a mounth the fruit trees in the shade in the gorge. We will have a chance to observe the variations of the flora and fauna in the Gorge. You can also take spectacular photos of volcanic formations.
  • Have your local lunch in the woden lodges over the Melendiz stream. You can enjoy your tastes by streching your legs in the cool river water.
  • After lunch drive for local Zultanite show where you will enjoy 12 different color changes on the stone as naturally by the day light.
  • Have Bio-Energy therapy by energy expert to get rid of over negative energy on the body related with stress and busy life.
  • Have Yoga Therapy by the leadership of Yoga expert on the top of red canyon which is accepted as the roof of Cappadocia. You can catch world famous sun set at the end of your relaxing Yoga (about 1 hour). If you wish you can enjoy your local hot vine while enjoying the spectecular wiew of all Cappadocia with the color changes on the volcanic rocks.


  • 1) You will have specially selected guiding service with the accompany of qualified, experienced and licenced Professional guides.
  • 2) You will be provided V.I.P. transportation with all facilities and experienced drivers (There will be no other guests other than you in the vehicle)
  • 3) All the vehicles that you will use for the transfers and tours will achieve the pandemic criterias determined by the ministry of Tourism and Culture. (You will be provided by hand-sanitisers, masks and gloves in the vehicle)
  • 4) Your guide and driver will be vaccinated for covid-19 and will be educated about the pandemic.
  • 5) You will be served your lunch in the nature thinking about your comfort
  • 6) Professional Licensed Guiding service, V.I.P. transpotation, lunch and soft drinks are included
  • 7) The entrance fees for the museums and historical sites are included in the tour prices
  • 8) Yoga Theraphy and Bio-energy Theraphy courses with the Professional Teachers are included.