Aladağlar Camping Tour


(2 Nights – 3 Days)

Camping Spot Overview

Our camping area located on the famous Emli Plateau in Aladağlar National Park; surrounded by various trees such as pine, cedar and andız, with its rich wildlife and plant diversity, it is one of the most preferred accommodation points for local and foreign nature-loving camper guests.

Emli Plateau, which has many endemic plant species, also has a well-deserved reputation for its oxygen-rich and clean air.

In our camping area, the basic needs of our esteemed guests are provided in the most comfortable way. We have a large traditionally woven bristle tent that we use as a kitchen in our camp, where we have experienced cooks and service personnel who will prepare and serve local delicacies in the most natural and hygienic way to our valued guests.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared in the aforementioned kitchen and served at tables under the canopy made of local hair tents, which are also specially prepared for you. Our teas served at breakfast and some of our products served in our rich regional spread breakfast are cooked on wood fire.

In the camping area, there is a local stone building where you can meet your bathroom and toilet needs, built in accordance with natural architecture, with the permission of the General Directorate of National Parks.

In our camp, we have new and hygienic camping tents that are carefully selected for you, resistant to cold and hot weather, waterproof and where you can sleep comfortably.

If desired, a campfire can be lit in our camp after dinner in the evenings, accompanied by local music, and enjoyable times can be spent in the company of countless stars in the clear sky.

We will be pleased to welcome you with the short nature walks we have prepared for you, our esteemed guests, who want to spend a peaceful, quiet and pleasant time with nature after the stressful pandemic process, and the services we offer in our camp in the forest.

Tour Program
  • Day 1

    After meeting our guests arriving at Kayseri Airport, our agency officials, we are moving to the famous Emli Valley in Aladağlar National Park, where we will camp by luxury vehicles. After taking a short break at the shopping point for personal needs to be used during our camping and hiking, on the route we will use to reach the valley, we reach our campsite at noon. After settling in the camp and a light lunch; We are starting the trekking of our first route, ‘Kaziklar Vadisi’, accompanied by our professional Tourist Guide, who is licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, expert in hiking and camping tours, and has detailed information about the flora and fauna of the region. In general, we walk on paths that are flat, with occasional slight ups and downs and interesting rock formations. This route, which is very enjoyable, takes approximately 4 hours. From the end of our hike, our vehicles will meet us and bring us to our campsite. After reaching our campsite, we offer our guests the opportunity to rest until dinner. In the evening, we light our traditional campfire and start the BBQ party, accompanied by the famous wines of Cappadocia, which is a welcome treat from our agency.

  • Day 2

    After our restful sleep in the forest air with plenty of oxygen, we wake up freshly with the sounds of birds coming from the forest and goat herds grazing on the slopes. After having our local, organic and hygienic breakfast that we have prepared specially for you, our valued guests, we start our 2nd day route,parmakkaya stage. In the company of our professional Tourist Guide, who is licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, expert in hiking and camping tours, and has detailed information about the flora and fauna of the region, we walk through andiz and pine forests, generally following a straight route. We take a break at Fingerkaya to watch and photograph the magnificent view of Aladağlar and rock formations. For lunch, we are having a light lunch consisting of sandwiches and fruit juice specially prepared for our esteemed guests. After the meal, tea and coffee will be served during the rest. After the rest, we start our return route. After reaching our campsite, we evaluate the process until dinner for our guests to rest. Our guests can also spend their free time by visiting the Yörük tents around our camping area or by going out from the pathways to the camping slopes and watching the insatiable sunset view. For our dinner, we gather in the open area under our bristle tent prepared for you. Our dinner consists of the famous Trout menu naturally fed by the melted cold snow waters of Demirkazık Mountains. Our menu, specially prepared for you by our chefs, will be served with non-alcoholic soft drinks. We will also be able to provide the desired alcoholic beverages for our guests, in return for a price. After dinner, we will gather around our campfire and spend pleasant moments accompanied by local music.

  • Day 3

    After waking up fresh with all our tiredness relieved, we gather to have our local and organic breakfast. Our guests can also spend their time resting in the camping area. After our breakfast with our guests who want to walk, we start our Big Mangırcı walk, which is the last stage of our tour. We will continue this route by starting from Fingerkaya. We have two different options on our route. In the first option, we can continue our tour by walking directly from the camping area, or as the second option, we can go to the starting point by car and return to the camping area with a light walk.

Services Included in the Program

  • • Kayseri – Round trip transfers with private and luxury vehicles to the campsite
  • • Our private vehicle service that we will use in the camping area and during the hike
  • • All our breakfasts, lunches and dinners specified in our tour programs.
  • • Our local wine treat on the first evening
  • • Tea, coffee and water treats throughout our 3-day camp programs
  • • Heat-insulated, hygienic camping tents and mats
  • • Walking sticks to be used in walking
  • • Camping and head lamps
  • • Professional Guidance services
  • • Cook and service personnel services


  • Our walking trails that we have mentioned take an average of 4 hours, but our guests can lengthen or shorten their walks if they wish. They will be supported in this regard.
  • The tour guide has the authority to change the tour routes and the starting times when necessary.
  • Due to the pandemic process, it is recommended that our guests bring their own sleeping bags.
  • It is necessary to come with turtleneck walking shoes.
  • It is recommended to bring thick clothes, especially for use in the evening.