Antalya Cappadocia Tour

Tour Program
  • Day 1

    -We pick up our guests from our Hotels in Antalya early in the morning and start our journey towards Cappadocia, accompanied by the magnificent beauties of the Taurus Mountains. By giving tea and coffee breaks for our guests in the highlands of the Taurus Mountains, we reach our first stop, Konya, the first capital of the Turks in Anatolia.
    – We are visiting the 800-year-old mystical Sufi Center Mevlana Museum in Konya.
    – We take our lunch break at our restaurant where we can taste the local cuisine of Konya (Famous Tandır Kebab Menu).
    – Afterwards, we continue our journey and reach Cappadocia. We settle in our hotels.
    – After resting for a while, we go to watch the Whirling Dervishes of Mevlevi Dervishes, which is an 800-year-old ritual.

  • Day 2

    – We arrive at our first stop, Dervent Valley, by moving after breakfast at our hotel. In Dervent Valley, where the most beautiful examples of the geographical formation of Cappadocia are exhibited, we take a tour and photo break among the fairy chimneys reminiscent of interesting animal figures.
    – Then we move to Pasabag Museum. In Paşabağ, where the most beautiful examples of fairy chimneys are exhibited, we not only take a mystical trip among the fairy chimneys, but also visit the 1500-year-old Sen Simeon Monastery.
    – Our next stop is Avanos, where we will visit the famous 4000-year-old handmade pottery and ceramics workshops.
    – We have our lunch at the Historical Kaya Restaurants of Avanos, in the form of Cömlek Kebab Menu, the most famous dish of Cappadocia.
    – After dinner, we move to Göreme Open Air Museum, which is our next stop. We explore this region, which is extremely important for the Christian world, by visiting the 1000-year-old churches at the Göreme Open Air Museum, which is the starting point and spreading point of Christianity in Anatolia.
    – After Göreme, Onyx Workshops, where color-changing semi-precious stones unique to our region are transformed into works of art, will be visited.
    – Afterwards, we move to Uçhisar to visit Uçhisar Castle, the first castle carved into the rock in the world, and Güvercinlik Valley, where thousands of years old pigeon houses are located.
    – Afterwards, visiting the wine production center where we can see the best examples of Winemaking and Cellars with thousands of years of history in Cappadocia and where we can taste wine.
    – We return to our hotel.
    – After resting for a while and having our dinner at our hotel, we are going to the Turkish night program where we will be served unlimited drinks and appetizers, and will watch the Local Folk Dance and Oriental show.

  • Day 3

    – We are performing our flight, which is identified with our Cappadocia and where the Cappadocia plateau can be viewed from the sky from a bird’s eye view.
    – After our balloon flight, we return to our Hotel, take my breakfast, and C-Out from our Hotel to return in the direction of Antalya. On the way back, we reach the underground city, which is our first stop from the places we will cultivate.
    – Underground cities are human-made settlements under the ground, which are about 4000 years old and have sheltered thousands of people.
    – Afterwards, we visit the historical Caravanserai, which was built on the Historical Silk Road and has a history of 800 years, where the caravans were accommodated.
    – We take a lunch break at our place where we will get the Famous Meat Bread Menu in Konya, which is located on our beauty shop.
    – We say goodbye to our hotels in Antalya.

Services Included in the Program

  • Professional Guidance Service
  • Car service for tour and transport
  • Parking Fees
  • 2 nights HB (Half Board) Hotel Accommodation Service in Cappadocia (Sühan Hotel, Mustafa Hotel, By Cappadocia )

Services NOT Included in the Program

  • Lunch
  • Museum entrance fees
  • Personal expenses
  • Driver and guide tips

Optional Tours

  • Turkish Night
  • Dervish show
  • Baloon Tour
  • Jeep Safari
  • ATV Tour