Black Sea Tour



With its colourful people, lush green forests, high mountains, beautiful plateaus and deep valleys, Black Sea is one of the most special and geographically rich regions of Turkey and the world.

  • Trabzon City Tour - Hagia Sophia - Atatürk Mansion - Altındere Valley - Sumela Monastery.

    Day 1

    After meeting our guests at Trabzon Airport, we take a local breakfast in our restaurant built on the rock in Zigana Yörük Tent for breakfast.

    Trabzon, which served as the capital of the Byzantine Greek Kingdom in the thirteenth century, respectively, surpasses other provinces with its rich history that remained from them.

    We are visiting ATATÜRK’s mansion, where M.Kemal Pasha visited three times and decided to write his will on his last visit. In this mansion, which was the home of a Russian businessman but was given to Atatürk as a gift over time, everything seems to be as it is. It stands white in greenery. After taking our photos, we go to AYASOFIA.

    Then we visit our store to see the art of KAZAZİYE, another handicraft that is still being kept alive. After the shopping break we will give, we enter the Değirmendere Valley at the Maçka crossroad to go to Altındere National Park and proceed along the valley to reach Maçka. In Maçka, our path splits into two and we observe Altındere along Altındere Valley.

    Afterwards, we get off our bus and see the Sümela Monastery, which was established on the outskirts of Karadağ, from the valley floor. In the free time we will provide, you can enjoy nature and take magnificent photos. (As the Sümela Monastery has been in renovation and strengthening work since 2015 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and the opening date has not been finalized, the conditions of the period will determine whether a visit will be made inside the monastery. No matter how many of them are open or closed, they will go to the National Park). Then we go to our hotel to stay in our hotel in Trabzon City Center.

    Breakfast: Zigana Yoruk Tent
    Accommodation Hotel: Hero’s Hotel or Büyük Sümela Hotel
    Average Km :125KM

  • Uzungöl – Galo Omad Café - Çeçeva Tea Garden -Storm Valley - Zipline Rafting - Ayder Plateau.

    Day 2

    After breakfast at our hotel in the morning, we move to UZUNGOL. UZUNGOL, which was formed by the landslide blockade of the Haldizen Stream, will fascinate you with its mystical texture and its devotion to nature. Our guests can wander around the lake if they wish. The fresh air of the Soğanlı Mountains will permeate us.

    Afterwards, we visit an example of the famous Black Sea Tea Gardens, which is one of the symbols of the Black Sea and plays a role in promotions about the Black Sea, in the Tea Garden in Haremtepe Village and we take a photo shoot break here.

    After the Local Lunch in Firtina Valley, we organize Rafting and Zipline activities for our guests who wish as an Extra. We make our stay at our hotel in Ayder Plateau.

    Breakfast: Hero’s Hotel or Büyük Sümela Hotel
    Lunch : Muhlama, Salad, Corn Bread, Pickles, Roasted Trout, Meatballs or Chicken, Dessert, Lazborek, Hamsiköy Rice Pudding, Tea, Water
    Accommodation Hotel: Köroğlu Hotel –Ayder Resort -Yeşilvadi Hotel –Serender Hotel -Koru Hotel
    Average Km : 250KM

  • Borçka Karagöl - Fırtına Valley - Çinçiva Historical Bridge - Zilkale – Palovit Waterfall - Şimşir Forests

    Day 3

    After breakfast at our hotel in the morning, we leave Ayder Plateau. Passing through Ardeşen-Sunday-Arhavi-Hopa, we proceed along the valleys towards the Karçal Mountains.
    We arrive at BORÇKA by passing through the Lifeguard Passage. We are taking a photo break in this small campus, which was formed by dividing the ÇORUH RIVER in two. Then we proceed along the KLASKUR Stream and arrive in KARAGOL, accompanied by magnificent valleys. Our guests can take a boat ride with the magnificent water color formed by the reflection of dark green on the water. Our guests can also take a walk around the lake.

    Then leave here; We are going back to Fırtına Valley. After the Local Menu Lunch in Fırtına Valley, we pass to ÇİNÇİVA VILLAGE, the subject and venue of TV series. Photo shoot on the Historical Çinçiva Bridge. We go to ÇAT VALLEY.

    We visit ZİLKALE, which was built to ensure the security of the valley, which was a trade route during the Byzantine Greek Kingdom. We climb to the top of the castle as much as we can and watch the peak of Kaçkars and the view of the valley.

    Then we continue along the Çat Valley and go to the PALOVİT WATERFALL. We visit the waterfall, which boils from Kaçkarlar and flows from 15 meters, and visit the ŞİMŞİR Forests, which is the only one in the Black Sea. Then we return to our hotel. For our guests who wish for the evening, local Tulum entertainment and folk dances, including drinks, will be organized as an extra.

    Morning Breakfast : At our hotel
    Lunch : Muhlama, Salad, Corn Bread, Roasted Pickles or Trout or Meatballs or Chicken, Dessert Lazböreği, Hamsiköy Rice Pudding, Tea, Water
    Accommodation Hotel: Köroğlu Hotel –Ayder Resort -Yeşilvadi Hotel –Serender Hotel -Koru Hotel

    Average Km :350KM

  • Rize Cloths - Tea Factory - Sürmene Knife Factory - Airport

    Day 4

    After the breakfast we will have in the morning, we see how the Local Rize Cloths are processed.

    Then, to see the tea, which is the biggest source of income of the region, in the factories… We take a tea break to see how it is processed and after the shopping break, we go to see the production of SÜRMENE KNIVES. We are taking a shopping break to witness the world-famous handmade Sürmene Knife art, which is still being kept alive by the Sürmene people against the steep land.

    Then we come to TRABZON Airport. Goodbye.

    Morning Breakfast : At our hotel
    Average Km :155 KM

Services Included in the Program

  • 3 Night HB accomodation
  • 4 Days Bulgarian Professional Guidance Service
  • Transfer Service for 4 Days (Big Bus and Small Minibuses used in the highlands)
  • Highland Tours
  • First Day Breakfast

Services NOT Included in the Program

  • Museum and Site Tickets
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses and Tips
  • Rafting Zipline Activities
  • Local entertainment (Horon, Tulum and drinks)