Çat Valley Tour

Tour Program

  • We will drive to Çat town to visit one of least known and virgin valley of Cappadocia, which is called as Çat valley.
  • Our hiking will start from “Fırın Asma” area which means grapes wood in the oven. In the old times, the villagers used to cut the old and dried trees and grape plants and bring and leave them in the caves which are in the valley in order to dry them more. Later on they used to carry the dried wood by donkeys and fire them in the ovens which were called as “Tandır”
  • In the valley where we will hike, you may pick local mushrooms, apple, plum, walnut or apricot based on the season.
  • The valley has “V” shape and one of the main route reaches pigeon houses and the other one to “Fırın asma” area.
  • Local people call the pigeon houses as “Hilton” as they are the highest, biggest and the most attractive pigeon houses in the region.
  • We will end our hiking by climbing about 100 steps up to the valley
  • This valley has brothership with “Mont-Dol” valley in Belgium.


  • 1) You will have specially selected guiding service with the accompany of qualified, experienced and licenced Professional guides.
  • 2) You will be provided V.I.P. transportation with all facilities and experienced drivers (There will be no other guests other than you in the vehicle)
  • 3) This tour will last for seven hours as one hour for lunch and the rest of time for hiking
  • 4) All our hotels will have the criterias which is determined by the ministry of Tourism and Culture during the Pandemic Period.
  • 5) You will have your breakfast and dinner at the restaurant as alone or if you wish they will be serviced to your room.
  • 6) All the vehicles that you will use for the transfers and tours will achieve the pandemic criterias determined by the ministry of Tourism and Culture. (You will be provided by hand-sanitisers, masks and gloves in the vehicle)
  • 7) Your guide and driver will be vaccinated for covid-19 and will be educated about the pandemic.
  • 8) You will be served your lunch in the nature thinking about your comfort and health and the menu will be enriched by local tastes thinking about your immunity system and support it.
  • 9) Professional Licensed Guiding services, V.I.P. transpotation, lunch and soft drinks are included
  • 10) The entrance fees for the museums and historical sites are included in the tour prices