Golgoli - Gomeda Valley

Tour Program

  • We start our walking from the fountain which is in the center of Cemile Village.
  • We will walk through the pigeon valley by using the hilly paths among the gardens and cultivated lands which is called as vineyard road by the villagers. We will visit old “Golgoli”settlement where Cemil and Mustafapsa villagers used to spend their summer time and called the area as Yayla which means plateau.The area was named as the “Golgoli caves” by the first greek natives. Those caves were used as living settlements which included living rooms, kitchens, food storages, pigeon houses and several underground tunnels which were used for connections. The area has an elevation of 1450m from the sea level.
  • After finishing the visit, by the Dam panorama we will arrive in the forest area by the “Damsa Dam” which was built as an irrigation function by the leadership of Turkish old president “Süleyman Demirel” as an engineer before he was in politics.
  • After having our lunch, you will be transferred to “non-water fountain” area which is in between “Ayvalı” and “Mustafapaşa” village to start another hiking. This area is called as wooden area as Turkish villagers used the wood from the caves to build their own houses. the Greeks called the area as Gomeda valley which means “mineral, thermal water” as there are many natural springs which includes sulfur in.
  • We will see the first pigeon houses which built in the rock cliffs as caves in Cappadocia. The rich farmers painted the outer parts of the pigeon houses in order to make them more attractive. Those decorations and architectures are the main differences of the pigeon houses from the rest of pigeon houses in Cappadocia.
  • Later on we will walk by many natural spring water where you can drink as very safe and tasty.
  • Based on the season you can see yellow and purple blossom of wild sesamy or apple, apricot, almond, grapes and walnut fruits.
  • And also you have the opportunity of seeing kerkenez, storks, wild ducks, puhus, bee birds and black turttels.


  • 1) You will have specially selected guiding service with the accompany of qualified, experienced and licenced Professional guides.
  • 2) You will be provided V.I.P. transportation with all facilities and experienced drivers (There will be no other guests other than you in the vehicle)
  • 3) This tour will last for seven hours as one hour for lunch and the rest of time for hiking
  • 4) All our hotels will have the criterias which is determined by the ministry of Tourism and Culture during the Pandemic Period.
  • 5) You will have your breakfast and dinner at the restaurant as alone or if you wish they will be serviced to your room.
  • 6) All the vehicles that you will use for the transfers and tours will achieve the pandemic criterias determined by the ministry of Tourism and Culture. (You will be provided by hand-sanitisers, masks and gloves in the vehicle)
  • 7) Your guide and driver will be vaccinated for covid-19 and will be educated about the pandemic.
  • 8) You will be served your lunch in the nature thinking about your comfort and health and the menu will be enriched by local tastes thinking about your immunity system and support it.
  • 9) Professional Licensed Guiding services, V.I.P. transpotation, lunch and soft drinks are included
  • 10) The entrance fees for the museums and historical sites are included in the tour prices