Lycia Walking Tour


The most beautiful stages of the Lycian Way are 510 km in total. We are walking on the Lycian road, which is long, starting from our charming town of Kaş. Its unique nature, the harmony of the mountains with the sea, the quality of the accommodation facilities and the ease of the tracks are the main reasons for this.

Aladağlar Camping Tour
  • Day 1

    We meet at our meeting point early in the morning under the leadership of our guide and move to Kaş. We arrive at our hotel in Kaş in the evening and settle into our rooms.

  • Day 2

    We start our first walk in the morning with a short car ride after breakfast. After this journey that lasts for 10 minutes, we start from the asphalt edge and begin to ascend perpendicularly to the shore. Meanwhile, we slowly rise above the sea level and encounter a wonderful view. When we reach the summit (250 meters), we will see Meis, one of the Greek islands. From this plain called Çukurbağ, we pass the pastureland of the Yörüks and reach the village of Çukurbağ, where we have a picnic by the fountain (without fire). Then, continuing on our way, we rise again and reach the necropolis, that is, the 2600-year-old cemetery from the Lycian civilization, and watch wonderful views again. Here, our vehicle will be waiting for us to return to our hotel in Kaş. After resting for a while in our hotel with the magnificent view of Meis Island, our agency will have a surprise for you. We will be happy to welcome you in our wonderful restaurant where Kaş’s most delicious seafood and appetizers are served. Our menu; seasonal fish, shrimp, calamari, rich Mediterranean appetizers and salads, seasonal fruits and dessert.

    Total walking time: 3.5 hours (excluding breaks)

    Distance : 8 km.

    Difficulty: Moderately Easy

    NOTE: Breakfast and Dinner are included.

  • Day 3

    We start this day with a 5-minute car transfer after breakfast. Right after, our walk begins through the scrub bushes. About 50 m from the sea. Our track, which starts at an altitude, takes us again in the company of Lycian tombs and magnificent nature-sea views. Our guide informs us on historical, archeological and botanical subjects and sheds light on the past and vegetation of the region. Our first stop is at Limanağzı. You can take advantage of the opportunity to swim in this cute cove. 50 m from the sea for a while. After walking from a height and a plain, we reach a cove closer to the sea. We stop at the point closest to Meis Island and take a photo break and continue on our way. We are having our picnic in a wonderful bay at the location called Okçuöldüm. Tea prepared and sausage-bread prepared in a pan, plus a swimming break. Come, enjoy yourself… After this pleasant break, we reach our vehicle with a 1-hour walk, and the hotel will offer rest and free time with the comfort of having completed the wonderful track we left behind.

    Total walking time: 5 hours (excluding breaks)

    Distance : 14 km.

    Difficulty: Moderately Easy

    NOTE: Breakfast is included.

  • Day 4

    3. We start our day with breakfast and drive for approximately 45 minutes with our vehicle and belongings to change the location. As we start our walk from Sahilkılınçlı village, our vehicle will take our belongings to Üçağız, where we will stay for 2 nights. We start our track from the village and go about 60 m. We ascend to the ancient settlement called Apollonia. After getting more information about the Lycian civilization and its history, we continue on our way to the bay called Aperlai. This very enjoyable and tiring track will once again fill us with the scenery. Our boat is waiting in Aperlia bay to take us around Kekova island. We take lunch on the boat and arrive at Simena castle, with swimming breaks in several different bays. It is not enough to talk about this castle and the magnificent view it offers us. The best thing is to come and see it with your own eyes. After the boat trip, we settle into our charming hotel in Üçağız and relax and enjoy the atmosphere until the pleasant dinner on the terrace.

    NOTE 1: Our guests can enjoy the sea until they meet with our walking group, by going directly to our boat, which we will meet at noon, instead of walking.

    Total walking time: 3 hours (excluding breaks)

    Distance : 8 km.

    Difficulty : Easy Track

    NOTE 2: Breakfast and Lunch are included.

  • Day 5

    Right after breakfast, you will go to our boat waiting for us and spend an unforgettable day in the magnificent bays and cool waters of Kekova. On our tour today, we will see Hamidiye Bay, Aquarium Bay, Shipyard Bay and the underwater ruins of the sunken city from the Lycian period, which was flooded as a result of the earthquake. Our lunch will be taken on the boat.

    NOTE: Breakfast and Lunch are included.

  • Day 6

    After breakfast, we go to our transfer vehicle with our belongings and say goodbye to this wonderful village. Destination Adrasan. On the way, we will reach Demre, the important ancient settlement of the Lycian Civilization, and Adrasan, which is located on the coast in 1.5 hours after visiting the Church of St. Nicholas. There is no hiking in the program today, but those who wish can wander freely on one of the many trails nearby and enjoy the sea. Today is our day of pleasure… Accommodation and dinner at our hotel in Adrasan or around Olympos.

    NOTE: Breakfast and Dinner are included.

  • Day 7

    Since our route today will be long and comparatively more tiring, we take our breakfast early and start walking directly from our hotel… We reach Beydağları on a short and straight path and dive into the forest from here. Direction is the summit of Mount Musa (900 m). The peace and plenty of oxygen provided by the forest will not make us feel the length of this path, and when we reach the summit, we will look at the 900 meters we left behind with appreciation. After the picnic, we start the descent right away, and this time we descend this road, which we set out through pine trees and bushes, this time between carob and nut trees. At the point we land, the ancient city of Olympos, which was once an important trade port, will welcome us. If you wish, you can leave yourself to the sea without wasting any time and relieve the tiredness of this long journey. Let’s not forget to say. The fame of Olympos beach has long exceeded the borders of the country.

    Total walking time: 6 hours (excluding breaks)

    Distance : 17 km.

    Difficulty: Slightly challenging course

    NOTE: Breakfast and Dinner are included.

  • Day 8

    Right after our breakfast, we walk the last track of this week and set off by car to say goodbye to the Lycian road. After approximately 40 minutes of transfer, we reach Karaöz and start our walk. This route is indisputably one of the most enjoyable, despite the most beautiful scenery and tiring of the Lycian Way. Starting from Karaöz, our walk to the famous Gelidonya Lighthouse will take about 2 hours. It is a very comfortable and enjoyable route. Gelidonya Lighthouse is the lighthouse located at the highest point of our country (252 m. altitude) and is approximately 17 km. visible from afar. It was established in 1939 and has been maintained and operated by members of the same family for generations since its establishment. This fascinating spot, which has full-length photos in many travel magazines around the world, can be easily reached from the paths between the pine forest. Those who enjoy this magnificent place can return to the hotel by walking for about 1.5 hours from here and return to the hotel and enjoy the sea and the beach. If they wish, they can walk for another 4.5 hours on a track close to the conditions of the previous day, cross Mazkiz Hill, catch wonderful views and descend to Adrasan. We will have prepared for both situations. After a pleasant meal and conversation for the last time in the evening, we take a clean sleep and say goodbye to the morning.

    Total walking time: 6 hours (maximum walking)

    Distance : 18 km.

    Difficulty: Slightly challenging course

    NOTE: Breakfast and Dinner are included.

  • Day 9

    We leave our hotel and set off with our vehicle to Kayseri to meet in our next tour.

    We would like to thank you, our esteemed guests, for your participation to discover other rare beauties of our country.

General Descriptions

  • 1) Professional Tourist Guiding service, which is expert, experienced and licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
  • 2) Fully equipped, V.I.P. special vehicles and experienced chauffeur service (Only special service will be provided for you in the vehicle)
  • 3) All our hotels where we will stay are in accordance with the criteria determined by the Ministry of Tourism during the pandemic process.
  • 4) All of our tour and transfer vehicles comply with the criteria determined by the Ministry of Tourism during the pandemic process. (Hand disinfectant, mask and gloves will be provided in our vehicles for our guests)
  • 5) Our tour guide and vehicle driver who will accompany our guests during the tour, the necessary health checks are routinely carried out and they have received the necessary training about the pandemic.
  • 6) We recommend that our guests bring walking shoes, comfortable clothes, walking sticks, sunscreen, insect repellent lotions, swimsuits, snorkels and flippers to use during the tour.
  • 7) It is recommended to get a Museum Card before starting the tour for museums and ruins.
  • 1) Guidance and vehicle are included in our tour prices.
  • 2) Breakfast, lunch and dinner specified in the program are included.
  • 3) Our 2-day boat tour allocated to you in Kekova is included.
  • 9) Hotel accommodation is +900 TL for single person accommodation.
  • 4) Paid Museum and ruins entrances are not included in our prices as they will be made according to the wishes of our guests.
  • 5) Drinks at lunch and dinner specified in the program are not included.
  • 6) Your personal expenses are not included.
  • 7) Tips that you would like to give to the Guide, Captain, Hotel and Boat Personnel serving you are not included.
  • 8) Our groups are minimum 10, maximum 15 people.
For 1 person: 4250 – TL + VAT (Single difference is added for single accommodation)