Kapadokya Şarap Turu


The Cappadocia region, which is one of the most fertile lands of Anatolia, is rich in minerals and is volcanic soils suitable for the cultivation of high quality grapes in many varieties. It is possible to come across 16 different grape varieties in the Cappadocia region. One of the first things that come to mind when Cappadocia is mentioned is local wines with their own unique taste and aroma. While watching the colorful balloons in the sky in Cappadocia or watching the sunset and the color change in the volcanic rocks in Kızılvadi, you can sip your homemade wine, start the day fresh or forget the tiredness of the day. Cappadocia region is one of the oldest and richest grape growing regions in Turkey. The history of the vineyards in this region dates back to ancient times. Gold vessels containing wine were found in the King’s Tombs in the north of Cappadocia, which is estimated to be between 3000 and 2000 BC. In addition, bunches of grapes were found on the reliefs of İVRİS found in Cappadocia in the 7th century BC. There are historical records that wine was sent to the Byzantine palace from Cyprus and Cappadocia during the Byzantine Empire period. One of the main grape varieties of our region is Emir grapes. Since it was the special wine of the rulers during the Hittites and Romans, this grape variety was named Emir. From Emir grapes, strong acidic, easy-drinking, delicious white wines are obtained.

  • Departure from the hotel after breakfast and visit the Turasan wine factory, which was established in 1947 and won gold and silver medals in many wine competitions, after visiting the Turasan vineyards of approximately 400 decares.

  • Tasting all the rare wines in the rock rooms accompanied by local cheeses and appetizers after seeing all the stages from the production of the wine to its preservation in the rock cellars in the production facility carved into the volcanic rocks, accompanied by a guide.

  • Visiting the Ürgüp Üçgüzeller fairy chimneys and panoramic viewing of the vineyards in the volcanic valleys. A visit to the GÜROR rock winery, which is owned by the Sabancı family, one of the richest families in Turkey, and has very special wines, and tasting extraordinary wines.

  • Visiting the rock-carved citrus warehouses in Ortahisar and panoramic viewing of Ortahisar castle and historical hillside houses.

  • Reaching the Zemi valley viewpoint with a short walk through the Goreme vineyards and free time. Visit to Avanos pottery workshop, taste local wines in handmade earthenware glasses, watch pottery making, and get information about specially patterned, handmade vases in which the sacred wines offered to the gods during the Hittites were placed.

  • Local lunch at Rock Restaurants.

  • Kocabağ vineyards and wine factory visit. Arranging a short tour of the rock cellars.

  • Göreme – Esentepe and pigeonhole valley visit.

  • Seeing small facilities and cellars where house wines are made in Sinassos, an old Christian settlement. Wine tasting with olive oil wraps and cheeses.

  • Visiting the Church of St. Theodore, where grape reliefs are used for decorations.

  • A short walk in Kızılvadi and a visit to the Üzümlü church with its wine-making places and cellars carved into the rocks of the Byzantine period.

  • Watching the unique Cappadocia sunset and the color change in the volcanic rocks accompanied by mulled wine enriched with local fruits at the summit of Kızılvadi.

  • Return to hotel.

1) Professional Tourist Guiding service, which is expert, experienced and licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
2) Fully equipped, V.I.P. special vehicles and experienced chauffeur service (Only special service will be provided for you in the vehicle)
3) All of our tour and transfer vehicles comply with the criteria determined by the Ministry of Tourism during the pandemic process. (Hand disinfectant, mask and gloves will be provided in our vehicles for our guests)
4) Our tour guide and vehicle driver who will accompany our guests during the tour, the necessary health checks are routinely carried out and they have received the necessary training about the pandemic.
5) Our lunches will be served in nature, in a quiet and away from the crowd, in a way that will make the guests comfortable. Our food menu will be enriched with organic local flavors that will strengthen the immune system.

6) Our tour prices include Guidance, vehicle, lunch and soft drinks.
7) Paid Museum and ruins entrances are not included in our prices as they will be made according to the wishes of our guests.